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  • Greta on 2016-May-02 20:16:10 Greta said

    Hello: Just need to have you change the speed of my videos back to what they were yeeratdsy. Someone fixed it for me and I appreciate it. Thank you for helping me. I like to be treated the same as your other customers. :) Cindy R.
  • Cherry on 2016-May-03 16:57:31 Cherry said

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  • Daysia on 2016-May-03 23:56:30 Daysia said

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  • Veruca on 2016-May-06 13:31:15 Veruca said

    Yes my battery ran out and it takes thirty minutes to charge so when this happened <a href="">#;;h&11011Ѻe</a> was no time to retake the video. I have a large 72 cell panel that I made I do this same procedure. you can watch. Look through my up loads for lg 72 cell panel and you will find it. Sorry. look underneath for bubbles then, you want to push on the cell with the paint brush after the encapsulation has had time to soften it up a small and start in front of bubble and work it out.
  • Luella on 2016-May-08 03:23:41 Luella said

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