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  • Kayo on 2016-May-02 19:23:39 Kayo said

    Beautiful carriers! We skipped rice cereal all together. Didn’t bother with it since it our pedi said it’s not nearly as nuedntit-rense as other foods and gave us the green light to bypass it. So we did. Avocado, sweet potato, and butternut squash were the early foods. She loved anything orange!
  • Roxanna on 2016-May-03 16:56:41 Roxanna said

    I just stumbled upon your site – we are birds of a feather! I’ve collected vintage office supplies for years. I’m an admirer of vintage <a href="">tytriewpers</a> but never built a collection of them. Yours are amazing – I had no idea they came in such bold colors. Super!Liz
  • Carlinda on 2016-May-03 23:55:58 Carlinda said

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  • Carrieann on 2016-May-06 13:31:51 Carrieann said

    did you know that the difference between the hottest water vs the coolest water in the system like this is about 0.1 degree Celsius? even if pipe that comes out of the cpu hits the rad before going into gpus it will make no difference in comparison to going directly into gpus. (total <a href="">nurbem/size</a> of rad matter however)
  • Bubby on 2016-May-08 03:22:35 Bubby said

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  • CliffFer on 2018-Nov-10 19:24:03 CliffFer said

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